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We'd both drink a lot of water or soda, then sit on the couch and watch TV until one of us couldn't hold it any longer. At that point, we'd make a mad dash for the bathroom.

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At one point, Alex held it so long that by the time he gave in, he didn't even bother to strip before jumping in the water, deciding he'd rather soak his clothes in water than in his own piss. For most of the day, I was "winning. Realizing we had a bit of extra time, Alex decided he was going to take an actual shower now.

I immediately objected, as I hadn't gone in a while. He told me I could probably hold it for another fifteen minutes. Of course, being the jerk of an older brother he often is, his shower was taking way longer. He had already been in there almost a half hour when I realized I was going to burst. I rushed in there and yelled at him to get out. He laughed and told me I was losing my touch, and that I could hold it for another five minutes. I told him to get out again, and he refused. He said that if I really needed to go that badly, I could just get in and do it.

At first I shouted "No way! I also had no intention of seeing him completely nude. After an agonizing minute of waiting however, I realized he had no intention of getting out until I had either stepped into the tub or wet myself outside. As angry as I was that he was getting his way, I hurriedly stripped down and jumped in. Trying to avoid looking at Alex, I pushed him to the back of the shower and stepped into the stream. In that single moment however, I got an eyeful of my brother's dick. It was rock hard and he had his right hand wrapped around the shaft.

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As if he wasn't enough of an asshole right now, he was seriously masturbating while screwing with me. I tried to get the image out of my head while I squatted next to the drain and finally let all of my pee out. It was no use, I could hear the sound of his slick soapy hand moving up and down his member. Although I hate to admit it, my brother is pretty hot. He goes to the gym nearly every day and his body is amazing, though not overly muscular. I wasn't even close to finishing as I had drank a ton of soda.

Even worse, the pee was splashing back against my crotch and kind of turning me on. So, with the winning combination of boredom and arousal, I couldn't help but turn and sneak a peek at my naked brother.

And of course, as soon as I did, I realized he had been sneaking a peak at me. He was stroking himself very slowly and clearly enjoying the view. We both froze up as we caught each others' eye. I wanted to scream at him for being a pervert, but I knew that would be so hypocritical.

We just ended up staring at each other for a good minute and a half, both turning bright red, at which point I realized my stream had finished. I turned back around really quick, splashed some water against my pussy to clean any extra pee off of it, and then rushed out of the tub as fast as possible.

It was only after I had grabbed a towel and dried myself off that I realized my clit was practically throbbing. I rubbed the towel between my legs and discovered that most of the wetness down there wasn't from the shower. Even worse, my brother had begun to grunt as I heard the sound of his fist colliding with his wet crotch increase in frequency. Before I knew it, I had rushed out of the bathroom, not even bothering to pick up my clothes, and dove onto my bed. Without even thinking I thrust two fingers inside my cunt and started pumping them in and out.

I was desperately in need of an orgasm, and I only lasted about two minutes before I finger-fucked myself to climax. I just lied there on my back, my thighs still sticky, until I heard the bathroom door open. Alex walked out, now wearing a pair of basketball shorts that had a bit of a tent in them. I sat up, too out of it to think about covering myself up.

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He blushed and averted his gaze, then threw me my clothes. He immediately turned toward his bedroom, his hand starting to hover in front of his crotch. It took me another minute before the insane amount of embarrassment finally hit me. I had watched my brother jack off, to the sight of me peeing while completely naked no less! And then that turned me on so much that I fingered myself! I felt so screwed up right then. I locked my door and got dressed and then just decided to lie in bed.

I eventually heard the plumber come to the door and Alex let him in. The guy was there for maybe an hour and a half. I couldn't really hear what he was saying to my brother whenever they talked, but the guy made a lot of noise in the bathroom. Once I had heard him leave, I finally worked up the courage to face Alex again. Before I could even make it to his bedroom though, I passed by the open bathroom door and practically screamed.

The toilet tank was open, and pieces of piping and other stuff were lying around both on the floor and in the bathtub. The shower drain itself was also removed and lying on the floor. I ran straight to Alex's room. I quickly grabbed one. Meanwhile, Kayla lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide again. She looked at me giggling as I walked back over.

Her head bobbed back and forth and her breathing intensified, getting much louder. Reaching around me, she began stroking my buttocks. Spittle ran down her chin as she continued sucking and licking, but I still clenched her hair and had that marker in my other hand.

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Not at all ready to cum, I pushed her back on the bed and crawled on top of her and kissed her. She coaxed my tongue further into her mouth and began to suck very hard on it until I sucked her tongue back into my mouth. Perspiration was building on her stomach, her skin everywhere damp and clammy signaling that she was totally aroused. I kissed down to her little, black trim patch. I could see the perspiration shining on the skin beneath the very short hair. I ran my nose, tongue and lips down the little trim job until I arrived at her clit at the top of her twat.

I could easily see how swollen it was, protruding from its metal studded hoodie. Just as I thought they would be, her swollen pussy lips were already shiny wet before I even slid my tongue along their length. She was drenched from excitement. Her swollen pussy lips were soaked and I could see sweat beads building in the corners of her crotch. I began to work my tongue down her pussy. I softly kissed and nibbled along her juicy cunt lips, allowing my nose to just barely brush them.

And even though her cunt was so wet it needed no extra lubrication at all, I spit on her clit, then spit again on her labia. I started to gently finger her clit, which sent Kayla into a writhing fury. My tongue slid inside her juicy lips as I spread them open with my fingers, sliding one inside her. Her protruding little clit nob shined wet in front of my nose. I began to tease it with my tongue as my finger explored inside her cunt until I was caressing her g-spot behind her clit.

Goddammit Yes! Right there! Sliding more fingers inside her, I increased the massaging speed while still teasing her clit with my tongue. I started to slow down. Pleeease let me cum! I increased speed again and could feel her clench. Her butt lifted up off the bed and she gasped and grunted. I let go of her and she rolled over and collapsed, squeezing her legs together tight. I rubbed my chin. Because you smell like that cheap cologne they have at the gym. With her pierced tongue stud probing and sliding all around, she sucked my tongue very hard. A loud pop sounded as I pulled from her mouth.

I lay back toward the pillows at the top of the bed and spread my legs. Kayla was propped up by that time on one hand, sitting on the side of her ass, her legs out to the side. Her deep brown eyes staring at me wide open with her eager anticipation. Totally naked, she looked sexy as hell. Still looking at me, she leaned forward onto all fours and crawled to me and planted my cock in her mouth. She pushed her face forward until my cock disappeared.

Her sexy lips spread around the base of my cock until they were pressed firmly against my crotch. I could feel the pressure from her tongue ring along the underside of my cock. Yes, there was a lump in her throat and that lump was my hard throbbing pecker. Even with my cock poking down her throat her eyes were still peeled on mine. I know I was grinning from ear to ear when I pinched her nose with my fingers. Kayla jerked her head back, freeing my cock, which is pretty damn thick, from her throat and mouth, popping loudly when it came out.

She inhaled and glared at me. She sat up and kissed me, forcing her tongue in my mouth. She then licked my face, up one side, across and down the other before deep tongue kissing me again. I kissed her back. Of course, making Kayla pay in sex, was like candy or ice cream to her. She very eagerly ran her tongue from the head to the base and back up several times, very sloppily actually.

Spittle oozed down her chin. Her breathing sounded heavier. Then her tongue slid down my nuts while she stroked my cock. The sensations pressing against my cock were definitely heightened by the presence of her tongue ring. Damn, was my cock throbbing. It was aching. My brain felt almost like mush but I could still spew out some words.

Her tongue pushed out and probed along my scrotum, leading a slow exploratory journey lower. Kayla then pushed my legs apart with her hands. Kayla, by then sitting back on her knees, stared at me with her big beautiful brown eyes, which gleamed with excitement and she playfully stuck her tongue out at me. I felt her warm wet tongue as she dragged it from the base of my nut sack downward across my asshole and down my crack.

Slowly she slid her tongue with that stud ring in it upward, wiggling it along the way. I could hear Kayla moan, like a low purring in her throat. She then pressed her long tongue hard into my crack and slurped up and down between my ass cheeks.

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Eagerly she began to push her tongue ever harder into my crack and quickly lick her tongue from the top of my crack to the top of my nut sack, back and forth she went. She stopped at my asshole, pressing the tip of her tongue in and swirled it around. It felt amazing as she worked my asshole with her tongue and I let out a low slow moan. I was mesmerized watching Kayla sloppily work her tongue, licking and drooling between my ass cheeks. Her heavy breathing forced her big firm breasts to heave up and down. It was then that I caught a glimpse of her from behind in the dresser mirror.

Kayla was of course on her knees, leaning into me, which pushed her ass upwards and her legs spread outwards for stability. That left her juicy, swollen, excited cunt lips easily accessible to view. Her cunt was oozing so much juice that the corners of her crotch were slick and shiny.

As she moved her head up and down, face buried in my ass crack, it twisted and shook her body enough for her swollen labia to wiggle and shake as they dangled from her cunt. And one thing she loved was to be treated like a cheap whore when we fucked. The harder I tried, the more it turned her on.

I could feel her nose rubbing up against my pucker hole. How many men have had an official beauty queen rub their nose into their asshole? Hell, maybe beauty queens love it most of all. Give me the best whore treatment you got now. Her luscious tongue again slid the length of my crack up to my balls and then back to my asshole. She then pushed her face back between my cheeks. I felt her teeth clench around my asshole. Her mouth still open enough to push her tongue out, she pushed it into my hole. I know my jaw dropped open. I felt a combination of pain and pleasure as she worked both teeth and tongue on my poor little asshole.

Kayla followed up by again sliding her slick tongue along my crack, top to bottom, and applying pressure with her tongue ring. Finally she stopped and pulled her face up. Out came her tongue, protruding like a wet shiny reptile that she planned to use as a weapon. She started her tongue at my chin and forcefully licked the length of my face stopping at the top of my forehead. She then slithered that warm wet tongue of hers down one side of my face and up the other before she kissed me on the mouth.

Her tongue pushed in, searching for mine and wiggled all around before she pulled it back out. I looked at her and chuckled. I pointed at her face and circled my finger around her mouth where I had drawn on it with the marker. I grabbed and clenched her hair with one hand while reaching behind me to find the marker. It was lying on the bed beside us and I soon had it in my hand. Then I yanked her by the hair closer to me and quickly drew a circle around each of her titties.

Then I hastily drew a big circle around her entire butt. I taught YOU about anal, Mister! Mister Latin speaking smartass is it, huh? I swatted her ass hard with an open hand, the smack echoed around the room as Kayla yelped out loud. Her entire inner crack was shiny wet. I still had her hair clenched in my other hand and I grinned as I noticed pussy juice streaming from between her swollen aroused cunt lips. It had oozed down her inner thighs leaving a creamy sheen all between her legs.

She arched her back downward and squirmed. I slapped her ass cheek very hard, leaving a white imprint of my hand that soon turned red. Kayla shrieked and squirmed more. Her gleaming eyes were glued on mine. Questioningly, I raised my eye brows. Kayla nodded yes. That one really stung! I chuckled. Then I grabbed the marker that had rolled over, almost under my knee. Many of our customers decide at the beginning of each semester, as soon as they get their syllabi, which papers they want us to produce and place their orders at that time.

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The usage of the regulation will vary between the two bodies: the RIBA will use it for the purposes of admittance to the oral examination stage of the Part 3; whereas the ARB will use it for the purposes of admittance to the Register. Each body will issue a guidance note and set of Frequently Asked Questions which will mirror that of the other body where possible, though there may be some slight difference in emphasis. Practical experience is an integral element of the Part 3 qualification, and is important in assisting individuals to meet the Part 3 Criteria against which all Part 3 candidates are assessed.

It is therefore recommended that candidates undertake a minimum of 12 months' experience within the UK, as those whose experience lies solely outside the UK may find it difficult to meet the required level of knowledge and skill. Candidates must be mentored during their practical experience. A definition of 'direct supervision' has been provided but essentially, the employment mentor should have control over and take responsibility for the work being undertaken.

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Typically the candidate and the mentor will be employed by the same organisation but where the relationship is not typical, they will need to satisfy their professional studies advisor PSA that the level and type of supervision is appropriate. While it is acceptable for any professional who is working within the construction industry as defined above to supervise up to 12 months of the experience, a registered architect is likely to be in the best position to assist a candidate in acquiring the required levels of skill and knowledge.

The practical experience regulation sets out the requirement for admittance to the oral examination stage of the RIBA Part 3 examination in the UK. Candidates may find that schools and Part 3 providers have additional requirements for entry to courses and for examination purposes.