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In fact, it would be fantastic if for their 50th anniversary they could be restored to their original full-length shows! They are both wonderful additions to the Jamboree. This makes my heart so happy! Our 7 year old would have been absolutely crushed if the bears were taken away! Best news of the day!!!! Maybe bring back the original show for a limited time to celebrate 50 years?? This is a generational favorite in our family.

This is great news, thank you for this update! The Country Bear Jamboree and Tiki Room are two of my favorite Disney attractions and I would be very upset to see either get replaced or significantly changed. Growing up in California, we always visited the Country Bears every time we went to Disneyland. Now we visit the bears every time we go to WDW in memory of him. We were very sad when we heard the rumor the bears might go away.

Thank you, Disney!

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Best news, thank you so much! I have so much love for the Bears and the Birds — happy to hear they will be performing for the foreseeable future. After all, they are all Magic Kingdom originals from ! Thank goodness! Now if we could just get the bears to spend their vacation in Anaheim….. Every day that we went to the Magic Kingdom my father would insist that we head straight to the Country Bear Jamboree and shortly after to the Tiki Room — other than that, we could see whatever we wanted.

Now I take my kids to the Country Bears and the Tiki Room, and my daughter has said she looks forward one day to taking her kids to see them as well. This is awesome!

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Thank you so much for addressing these rumors. These bears mean a lot to me! They sing, hoot and holler while we ride!

The perfect fit! This is wonderful news. Hoping we will soon see a restoration to the original full-length show, or possibly the many amazing seasonal overlays. Country Bear Jamboree is one of my favorite attractions! By submitting this form, you are granting Disney Parks Blog permission to email you. You can revoke permission to mail your email address at any time using the unsubscribe link, found at the bottom of every email.

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    Media Research Users Council. Dewey recommends the third choice. You have to describe the country in terms of what you passionately hope it will become, as well as in the terms of what you know it to be now. You have to be loyal to a dream country rather than to the one to which you wake up every morning. Unless such loyalty exists, the ideal has no chance of becoming actual. Among these ideals are participatory democracy and the end of capitalism.

    Power will pass to the people, the Sixties Left believed only when decisions are made by all those who may be affected by the results. This means, for example, that economic decisions will be made by stakeholders rather than by shareholders, and that entrepreneurship and markets will cease to play their present role. When they do, capitalism as we know it will have ended, and something new will have taken its place.

    The cultural Left still skips over such questions. The rhetoric of this Left remains revolutionary rather than reformist and pragmatic. The voting public, the public which must be won over if the Left is to emerge from the academy into the public square, sensibly wants to be told the details. It wants to know how things are going to work after markets are put behind us.

    It wants to know how participatory democracy is supposed to function. The cultural Left offers no answers to such demands for further information, but until it confronts them it will not be able to be a political Left.