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Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Table of Contents Editor s Bio. Summary This handbook, produced by world renowned experts from the World Conservation Union IUCN , spans the full terrain of protected area management and is the international benchmark for the field. The book employs dozens of detailed international cases studies, hundreds of concise topical snapshots, maps, tables, illustrations and a colour plate section, as well as evaluation tools, checklists and numerous appendices to cover all aspects of park management from biodiversity to natural heritage to financial management.

Costanza, R. Nature, — The value of coastal wetlands to hurricane prevention. Ambio Damania, R. A Future for Wild Tigers. World Bank, Washington, D. De Morais L.

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Mainstreaming Conservation in Infrastructure Projects. Case Studies from Latin America. Sandbrook, C. Carbon, forests and the REDD paradox. Oryx 44 3 Sandwith, T. Venter In: G, Worboys, W. Francis and M. Lockwood, eds. Connectivity Conservation Management. A Global Guide. Schuyt, K. Brander WWF, Gland, Switzerland. Simms, A. Magrath and H. Reid Up in smoke? Threats from, and responses to, the impact of global warming on human development.

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Fact sheet. Gland, Switzerland. Natural Solutions: Protected areas maintaining essential water supplies. Wells, M. Worboys, G. Lockwood eds World Bank Cornerstones for Conservation. World Bank Assistance for Protected Areas. World Bank a. World Bank b. Natural hazards, unnatural disasters: the economics of effective prevention. World Bank, Washington DC.

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Wunder, S. In Angelsen, A. WWF Lopoukhine , N. Crawhall , N. Dudley , P. Figgis , C. Karibuhoye , D. Laffoley , J. MacKinnon and T. S [Online], 5. A multidisciplinary journal devoted to the study of interactions between environment and society. Contents - Previous document - Next document. Abstract Protected areas remain a cornerstone of global conservation efforts. Outline Introduction. Full text PDF k Send by e-mail. Biodiversity and Climate Change 3 A number of initiatives have highlighted the likely impacts of climate change on biodiversity e.

Natural Solutions: Helping People to cope with Climate Change 9 Ecosystems and biodiversity are not just victims of climate change, but can also play a critical role in mitigation and adaptation. Box 1. Storing carbon in the woodlands of Western Australia Research from the Australian National University showed that Australian natural forests have far larger carbon stocks than had been previously recognized. Source: Berry et al. Protected areas: Providing Food and Water security in a Changing World 14 Climate change and biodiversity loss are major threats to achieving theMillennium Development Goals, especially those relating to poverty alleviation and food and water security.

Box 2. Source: WCPA 17 Many protected areas act as natural reservoirs for agriculturally important biodiversity including wild crop relatives, pollinators and pest control. Combating land degradation; promoting sustainable land management through protected areas Rising populations of both people and livestock, combined with sedentarisation and reduced access to land, have led to overstocking and overgrazing in many rangeland areas. Source: WCPA 18 Just as on land, many marine protected areas have been created to achieve long-term biodiversity conservation but many are also contributing to sustainable fisheries and local livelihoods.

Protected Areas: Reducing the Risks from Natural Disasters 20 Protected areas maintain ecosystem integrity, buffer local climate, and reduce risks and impacts from storms, droughts and sea-level rise - all predicted to become more severe and frequent due to climate change. Protected areas can contribute to disaster risk reduction in three ways: Maintaining predominantly natural ecosystems that buffer against sudden natural hazards such as tidal surge coastal mangroves, coral reefs , flash floods wetlands, floodplains and landslides forests and other native vegetation Stolton et al.

Examples of the role of protected areas in preventing or mitigating natural disasters Zoom Original png, 78k. Bibliography Adeney, J. Oryx Baumert, K. Climatic Change Berry, S. Science Butchart, S. Ambio Damania, R. University of Wageningen, Netherlands Dobson, A. Science Dudley, N. Nouakchott, Mauritanie Leverington, F. Of PES and other animals. Oryx 46 1 List of illustrations Title Table 1. Examples of the role of protected areas in preventing or mitigating natural disasters Credits Adapted from Dudley et al. References Electronic reference N. About the authors N.

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