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Extras 7 Pieces Plantain. Chips Plain or seasoned. Mixed Salad. Portion Jerk Chicken Served with choice of sauce. Portion Fried Chicken Served with choice of sauce. Portion Fried Hake Fish Served with choice of sauce. White Rice Portion. Oxtail Portion. Mutton Portion. Curry Chicken Portion. Stew Chicken Portion. Pepper Prawn Portion. Cake Slice All cakes come with custard for 40p extra. Saltfish Fritters. Curried Patties.

Drinks Fruit Punch.

Pineapple Soda. Ginger Beer.

Aunt Sally's

Bigga Fruit Punch. Bigga Grape Soda. Bigga Pineapple Soda. Tropical Rhythm Fruit Punch. Tropical Rhythm Mango Carrot.

Tropical Rhythm Sorrel Ginger. Tropical Rhythm Pineapple Ginger. Caribbean Punch. Bottled Water. See this restaurant's food hygiene rating. If you or someone you're ordering for has a food allergy or intolerance, click here. Do you have a food allergy? Delivery 45 — 60 mins. Leave a note for the restaurant -. Follow us. The pirate outfit you bought for a costume party ten years ago that no longer fits. Those Tupperware containers that have inexplicably lost their lids.

However, sentimental clutter is a completely different ballgame. So, we hold on to them for far longer than we should. Do you keep every card ever given to you?

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If yes,why? There was way too many, from birth to age 32!

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The large tub is what I chose to say goodbye to. And hey, maybe at some point, you did love it. Your home should be your sanctuary, a place filled with items that YOU love and use — not objects you keep out of obligation. If you are no longer enjoying it, for whatever reason, the respectful thing to do for your relationship with that person or the memory of that person is to let it go. Putting your house in order is a great way to rediscover the things you really love.

Photo by romanalilic. A post shared by KonMari konmari. Kondo swears by. Before you throw out any meaningful items, be sure to give them a proper farewell by expressing your gratitude.

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