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As in adult pronghorn, adult reindeer, juvenile red deer and juvenile domestic cattle etc. Eagles can be trained, of course, meaning that people can get them to do remarkable things that seem contrary to sensible behaviour: they can use them to hunt wolves, for example. The Kirghiz tribesmen of central Asia have long been known to use Golden eagles to catch wolves, and in fact Marco Polo c. This would have been some time in the s, when Polo was in his twenties. John Love, in his book on eagles, wrote of a Kirghizian eagle that captured 14 wolves in a day. The precise role of these wolf-hunting eagles has been some somewhat uncertain, in the literature at least.

Some authors state that the eagle's job is not to kill the wolf, but to hold it down until its trainer is able to arrive on horseback and dispatch the wolf with a knife. However, as is illustrated by the fact that Golden eagles can kill mammals bigger and heavier than wolves by a powerful strike directed at the back of the skull, a trained eagle would in fact be able to kill even an adult wolf if it approached quickly enough and struck the wolf, from behind, in the right place.

Accordingly, other authors state that the eagle's role is to kill - rather than just pin down - the wolf.

Bald Eagle Fact Sheet

Wikipedia's entry on this subject states that "These eagles are so fast and powerful that they are capable of killing a fully grown wolf by diving at speed and striking the wolf on the back of the head or neck" [the adjacent photo shows the skin of a wolf, killed by an eagle, hanging on the outside of the house of a Kazakh hunter.

Photo courtesy of S. Indeed, I know from film I've seen that the eagles certainly can and do kill the wolves during these hunts. Some wolves prove particularly challenging quarry, however, and there is the tale of one that foiled the attempts of 11 eagles - killing each one - until it was finally dispatched thanks to the efforts of a twelfth eagle. Love intimated that wolf-hunting with eagles is all but extinct in modern times but, as you can see from this blog post by Steve Bodio and from his book Eagle Dreams: Searching for Legends in Wild Mongolia , this is certainly not true.

And if you're sceptical of the existence of wolf-killing eagles for reasons I cannot quite understand, some people are , there are a few graphic youtube videos: this is the most informative one definitely NOT to be viewed by people with an overly sympathetic view of nature. I said at the start that the idea of an eagle attacking a wolf might seem "contrary to sensible behaviour". But, as people who know eagles will tell you, this doesn't mean that it doesn't, or can't, happen on occasion in the wild.

Golden eagles can and do definitely kill coyotes and foxes, so the idea of one making a mistake, or just being bold enough, to try and take out a wolf is not far-fetched. An additional six deaths and 13 injuries were reported but not verified by the ADC. What else might be possible? There are various anecdotes of eagles that were trained to kill horses and donkeys, and of course there are all those tales of eagles attacking people adults as well as children. Steve Bodio told me about a case from Kazakhstan where a Golden eagle tried to take a Snow leopard, but the cat won.

And there are also authenticated cases of eagles attacking planes and gliders: more on that another time I have photos. The idea of big eagles attacking people is typically regarded as fairytale nonsense. It isn't. The whole 'eagles as macropredators' thing is covered in the extremely affordable Tetrapod Zoology Book One , but it's also been covered in these articles Deblinger, R. Golden eagle predation on pronghorns in Wyoming's Great Divide Basin. Journal of Raptor Research 30, McEneaney, T. Bald eagle predation on domestic sheep. Wilson Bulletin 95, Nybakk, K.

Golden eagle predation on semidomestic reindeer. Wildlife Society Bulletin 27, Phillips, R. Golden eagle predation on domestic calves Wildlife Society Bulletin, 24 , Eagles are trained by feeding them meat pieces fixed into the eye sockets of a wolf skin which is dragged on a rope across the steppe.

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Their job is to seize the wolf by the face, blinding it, and hold down until the hunter rides up and kills it. Note that steppe wolves are not much larger than coyotes. I never heard about this, it is intriguing, in terms of behaviour, ecology, anthropology And the video is amazing! Impressive when the wolf gets the first eagle, and the second one comes at its back! I can understand scepticism, but those images are there! I am very interested about the attach Well, it seems that Vladimir posted part of the answer while I was posting the question!

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  • Food into the eye-sockets, wow Thanks, Vlad - I didn't know that about the terminology will now go and amend article. You are right about the size of the wolves, of course. Falconer friend told me that juvenile raptors like many young predators have only vague idea what prey is suitable. Hunters give juveniles tied animals or dead prey, teaching them to attack animals much bigger than their normal prey. I also seen fascinating pictures of Saker Falcon attacking and bringing down Grey Herons as pests of fishponds, several times bigger than themselves.

    However, disease, lack of food, bad weather, or human interference can kill many eaglets. Recent studies show that approximately 70 percent survive their first year of life.

    Did Neanderthals Catch and Kill Golden Eagles for Their Feathers and Talons?

    When America adopted the bald eagle as the national symbol in , the country may have had as many as , nesting eagles. Although they primarily eat fish and carrion, bald eagles used to be considered marauders that preyed on chickens, lambs, and domestic livestock.

    Consequently, the large raptors were shot in an effort to eliminate a perceived threat. Coupled with the loss of nesting habitat, bald eagle populations declined. A amendment added the golden eagle, and the law became the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. However, DDT and its residues washed into nearby waterways, where aquatic plants and fish absorbed it. Bald eagles, in turn, were poisoned with DDT when they ate the contaminated fish. The chemical interfered with the ability of the birds to produce strong eggshells. As a result, their eggs had shells so thin that they often broke during incubation or otherwise failed to hatch.

    DDT also affected other species such as peregrine falcons and brown pelicans.

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    In addition to the adverse effects of DDT, some bald eagles have died from lead poisoning after feeding on waterfowl containing lead shot, either as a result of hunting or from inadvertent ingestion. By , with only nesting pairs of bald eagles remaining, the species was in danger of extinction. Loss of habitat, shooting, and DDT poisoning contributed to the near demise of our national symbol.

    Most Deadly EAGLES Attacks 2019 - Golden Eagle vs Goat, Hawk vs RattleSnake, Eagle vs Monkey

    That was in , and it was the first step on the road to recovery for the bald eagle. In , the Secretary of Interior listed bald eagles south of the 40th parallel under the Endangered Species Preservation Act of Following enactment of the Endangered Species Act of , the Service listed the species in as endangered throughout the lower 48 states, except in Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin where it was designated as threatened. The species was not listed as threatened or endangered in Hawaii because it does not occur there, or in Alaska because populations there have remained robust.

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