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This concerto was made famous as the heart-rending soundtrack to the film Brief Encounter.

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But its romance is all its own. If you have a moustache or are in any way British or emotionally repressed, all you have to do is stick this piece on the stereo, stand awkwardly in the corner and wait for the object of your desire to shower you with kisses. Let Pavarotti do the talking. Either way, Puccini does romance, anguished or joyful, better than most, and this aria is one of his most charged duets.

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Romance, that is. Blimey, just one blast of this at full volume is guaranteed to melt absolutely anyone. Simple, sweet, plaintive, innocent. Schubert 's quaint and colorful songs? This site has everything you want to know about the greatest composers and their beautiful creations! I've been in love with classical music for years. I used to spend hours reading about my favorite classical composers' lives, gazing at sheet music of their famous pieces, and listening to their incredible music.

It's because I think that classical music is the most powerful and moving of all the arts. A sublimely orchestrated climax in a symphony or a magical piano melody played by a talented virtuoso must surely be some of humanity's most beautiful creations! Each great composer is as different as the countries and cities they come from.

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You can appreciate and enjoy their music much much more when you know about their life stories, musical style, and idiosyncrasies. My aim is to share this fascinating world of sound and history with you.

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  • Here's what we'll explore I'll guide you through everything about the world's favorite composers, from their life stories, to their most popular music, to the best recordings Let's go! If you like my site, please click "Like" A child prodigy and one of music's greatest treasures. He rose to fame quickly and spectacularly, but it overtook him, and the composer died young.

    Grumbling, bearded, and portly, Brahms's rigidly traditional approach to music defied the new techniques that arose in the 19th century. Beautiful and complex, his work immortalized him as one of the greatest figures in classical music. Bridging the gap between the Classical and Romantic eras, he consistently innovated and brought powerful new sounds and ideas to audience's ears. His late-life deafness didn't stop him from creating some of the most astonishingly forceful and intelligent music ever written.

    One of the last, and grandest, Romantic-era maestros, this conductor-composer opened up whole new sound worlds for his listeners with his lavish and enormous symphonies and song cycles. The original piano super-virtuoso, Liszt's superhuman keyboard abilities created a Europe-wide mania.

    Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750)

    He gave up the concert stage to focus on composing opulent piano masterpieces, eventually turning his hand to philanthropy and religion. The most famous Russian composer of them all, Tchaikovsky's glittering, colorful ballets and anguished symphonies have made him one of the most popular composers of all time. The master orchestrator, capable of creating dazzling sound palettes with a standard orchestra.

    The Ten Most Beautiful Classical Symphonies

    Starting as a naval officer, he eventually became one of Russia's most important composers. Internationally renowned, Glazunov became Director of the St Petersburg Conservatory and a father figure to many younger students. He escaped Soviet Russia late in life. Poverty and painful alcoholism continually gnawed away at Mussorgsky's life until he died young.

    World's Most Breathtaking Piano Pieces - Contemporary Music Mix

    But his raw, deeply Russian music still haunts and inspires. Equally brilliant in chemistry as in music, Borodin's relatively small musical output doesn't tarnish the beautifully sophisticated pieces he created, some of which inspired future modernists. Large-handed Rachmaninoff's fame came from his formidable piano skills, which he drew upon to create mind-meltingly opulent concertos and etudes. Leader of the Russian composer circle nicknamed "The Five", Balakirev was less of a composer and more of a mentor to the younger generation.

    His influence defined and grew Russian music until its reputation was on par with Europe's offerings. Precisely crafting and polishing his works, Ravel developed a reputation as a masterful orchestrator and musical trendsetter.

    His pieces have a very distinctive quality which makes them extremely recognizable. Debussy's luxurious, velvety music completely ignored all the traditional composition rules. He had an urge to hide from the world and wrap himself in exotic and extravagant comforts. This Polish pianist's soft, profound pieces and eloquent playing made him a hit performer and teacher in Paris. His chronic ill health never tarnished his brilliant sense of humor - a true spirit.