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A very helpful introductory essay. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-viii. Front Matter Pages EurAsian Matters: An Introduction. Pages Delftware and the Domestication of Chinese Porcelain. Transcultural Objects, Movements, and Bodies.


Enter a world of imaginative urban fables and short stories told through music as Singapore singer-songwriter Dawn Wong presents her debut album Marco Lopo, featuring her signature blend of elegant, soulful jazz and melodic Mandarin pop, tinged with childlike wonder and whimsy. She was invited to the Taiwan Super Slippa music festival in , and went on to tour the country, eventually performing at the Taipei Arena.

Her words have resonated with city dwellers, and her song Accumulated Loneliness—one of the theme songs to the television drama My Sunshine—paints the solitude of urban life while showing us hope at the same time. Now an in-demand artist, Wong marks a new chapter with the launch of Marco Lopo. Three witches appear before the general Macbeth as he returns a victorious war hero and pass prophesy that he will become King of Scotland.

Egged on by his wife, Macbeth kills and usurps King Duncan, triggering a chain of murders that claims the lives of political enemies and close comrades. Possessed by bloodthirst and racked with guilt and paranoia, Macbeth begins to unravel. Performed in Mandarin with English surtitles. Emerging young Chinese theatre director Huang Ying, together with renowned theatre icon Tadashi Suzuki as artistic director, creates a familiar yet refreshing presentation that at once stays true to the classic text while possessing a relevance to our age.

There will be a post-performance talk on Wed and Thu. Beginning from an age where only male performers were allowed on stage, through a period of artistic conflict, and concluding against the imposing backdrop of the Cultural Revolution, three generations of lives play out on the opera stage. Along the way, these protagonists experience a richness of emotions and the intricacies of life in both the fictional and real worlds they inhabit.

Performed in Mandarin with English and Chinese surtitles. The journey of Peking Opera over a century unfolds in One Hundred Years on Stage, presenting an intimate and illuminating glimpse into the trials, the persistence, and the heart of a traditional art form that continues to be an important cultural treasure loved by many. Respected far and wide as a wildly successful recording and performing artist, Krall remains a true musical force.

Along the way, she has sold more albums than any other female jazz artist of the last 30 years, establishing herself as one of the bestselling and most beloved performers of her generation. Brought to you by Esplanade — Theatres on the Bay. Oh no! Hornbill has lost all his lovely rainbow feathers! Where can his feathers be?

Search high and search low, search all over the Magic Jungle. Strap on your jungle boots and help poor Hornbill look for his missing feathers. Let the adventure begin with the magic of theatre, music, and interactive fun. Mummies and daddies, come along with your little ones to meet all the fascinating jungle creatures and discover the mysteries and colours of the jungle in this theatrical treat especially created for ages 2 to 4. Advisory: Recommended for children aged 2—4.

Tickets are required for all, including infants-in-arm. Audience will be seated on the floor. Performed in Cantonese with English and Chinese surtitles. An unfortunate playground fight between children leads to a cordial living-room meeting with the parents…that turns into an all-out war. Two couples meet to resolve a playground dispute involving their year-old sons, one of whom is now missing his front teeth.

They try to reach an amiable reconciliation, but what begins as a civilised discussion soon descends into a chaotic clash of differences, with all four becoming casualties in a battle that spirals out of control. Advisory: This production contains some coarse language. Narrated in Mandarin with English surtitles. Frequently read but seldom heard, well-loved Chinese literary classics are given a new dimension in this musical presentation by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. The husband-and-wife duo of Gennady Rozhdestvensky and Viktoria Postnikova return with two great masterpieces from Shostakovich.

The Leningrad Symphony — in reality a veiled outcry by the composer against all forms of fascism — stood in its time as a musical symbol of resistance to and condemnation of the Nazi regime. Bunny, a floppy toy rabbit, is not happy with the way he is. He tries and tries to find the right stuffing to fill himself up, but he just cannot seem to get it right. Soon, his friends join him and they try to help him find the right stuff— but what is the right stuff? Let the little ones enjoy the magic of theatre through music, movement and interactive fun in this charming story of friendship.

‘The Blazing Mirage’ North American première

Bunny Finds the Right Stuff is an immersive theatre production especially designed for children aged two to four. Infants-inarms are required to have a ticket. For school bookings, please call the Esplanade Box Office at Enjoy an afternoon of celebrated springtime classics. Come alive to endearing melodies as ESO Symphony Orchestra performs popular tunes through history, from the classical compositions of Vivaldi and Strauss, to evergreen medleys from The Sound of Music, and a tribute to Elvis Presley.

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A third world war in the distant future had devastated the Earth's surface and forced humanity to rebuild their civilization in the heavens. Led by Music Director Lester Kong, the group has worked to bring classical music to communities around Singapore. A girl born in the sky-cities starts to wonder if life still existed on the world below and makes the journey down in search of answers.

What she discovers is beyond her wildest imagination. There will be a min post-show talk. An ageless tale of temptation, greed and hopeful redemption that resonates through time. Escaped convict Chouhu returns to his village to exact revenge on the local tyrant, Jiao, who destroyed his life. As he struggles between friendship and revenge, will he be able to avert another disaster?

Coffee and tea will be provided before the performance. We will follow our dreams to the land with no frontiers, where time no longer means what we think. Traditions from centuries ago melt with new trends: ancient instruments play new tunes, and old melodies are brought to the present by our contemporaries. New pieces composed for the flute, harpsichord and piano in different combinations that will break a few rules and sweep away stereotypes of harpsichord music. Revisit your childhood with these fun and charming classical selections! Narrator Jeremy Lee will tell you the story of Babar the Little Elephant as musically characterised by Poulenc, aided by colourful visual projections.

Be enchanted by the timeless folk tunes of Copland's Old American Songs and the world premiere of new songs for the young by local composer Lee Jin Jun, winner of the World Projects Composition Contest. Brought to you by Orchestra of the Music Makers. Vocal Traditions of India celebrates 10 years. Immerse yourselves in the melodious notes of hindustani North Indian classical music. In this concert of evening ragas, Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar, a torchbearer of the timeless tradition of Indian classical music will continue to enthrall his audience in a musical journey through the khayal tradition.

Brought to you by Engage Arts. In Chinese orchestral music, the percussion section encapsulates an eclectic mix of Chinese and western instruments, including the xylophone and marimba, which were adopted over the years. Singapore Chinese Orchestra percussionist Xu Fan showcases his virtuosic skills at playing both Chinese traditional and western percussions.

In collaboration with Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Don Quixote, originally choreographed by Marius Petipa, had become well known as a classical ballet of a unique sort. The music for the ballet is by Ludwig Minkus and the story is drawn from the famous tale of Miguel Cervantes. Initially created for the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia and re-staged by Cynthia Harvey with sets and costumes designed especially for Singapore Dance Theatre, this was a production that garnered rave reviews during its premiere in and fronted the cover of Dance Europe in January !

If you are in for a classical ballet coupled with fun, humour and quirkiness, this is the ballet not to be missed! Travel on a journey through the last years of monumental composer Ludwig van Beethoven with these internationally renowned artists and homegrown solo violinist, Tee Khoon Tang. There will be a pre-concert talk at 7pm and a post-concert chat with the artists on 12 Mar, Sat.

Let your young ones hear about the life of famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven, and experience his music for string quartet up close and personally. Accompanied by beautifully crafted programme booklets featuring musical games and digestible facts about composer, music and musicians, your young ones will go home with a new found love for classical music!

Advisory: Only children aged 12 and under will be admitted. An exception will be made for children aged 4 and under, each of whom may be accompanied by one parent. Accompanying parent will need a ticket. She captures the imagination with her madness, her drowning.

A tragic character set eternally in a pool of water, eyes dead, and full of secrets.

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So little is known about Ophelia. What does she tell us beyond the limits she faced in her short life?

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  7. Beyond the politics of sex and gender and the cycles of oppression that pervade history, Ophelia reflects too on the grey areas of our humanity; the deep-seated desires, motives and actions that account for the tragedies that keep the human race in a constant state of drowning. The concert that you have been waiting for is finally here. Her status as a legend was cemented by her daring interpretations of P. Sheila recently released her new single Sinaran Cinta, as part of the soundtrack of a Malaysian film, Sinaran.

    Spend an unforgettable evening with Sheila and bask in the light of her exceptional voice that has captivated fans for three decades. Loh Jun Hong, violin Abigail Sin, piano Ever wondered what fires up the creative imagination of composers and musicians? An iconic piece of music or literature, a chance encounter in nature or simply a stroke of artistic genius? More Than Music launches its season with Sparks of Inspiration, exploring wellloved masterpieces for piano and violin, and the intimate stories behind the music. Expect secrets to be revealed, personalities explained and great music illuminated.

    Join Jun Hong and Abigail for an evening of dynamic musicmaking and lively conversations.

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    3. Die weltweite Finanzkrise: Ursachen der Krise und Folgerungen zur Vermeidung einer solchen Krise (German Edition).
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    7. EurAsian Matters.
    8. Experience world-class performances up close and personal, the More Than Music way! Led by director Mrs Heng-Yap Shing Min, the Yio Chu Kang Secondary School Choir celebrates the beauty of the four seasons, nature, love and youth, presenting a repertoire of songs ranging from 13th century medieval rounds, to lush Romantic part songs, Asian children songs, choral song cycles and familiar Broadway favourites. The Fuhua Secondary School Military Band is made up of a group of secondary school music-makers with passion and love.

      Since its inception in , the band has received numerous accolades from national and international events. Notably, it achieved a Gold award in the Singapore Youth Festival Band Presentation for two consecutive years in and Since its commencement, the choir has performed across various platforms: at the National Day Observance Ceremony in ; in the 11th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme Farewell Ceremony in and at Esplanade in In , the Choir achieved its first Gold with Honours award and a Certificate of Distinction in and Under the tutelage of Samantha Chong, the band is proud to present a repertoire of band music to light up your evening with sound and colour.

      Come experience a magical music journey as the young musicians bring you some familiar favourites performed on woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. As long-time friends and fellow theatre artists, Claire Wong and Noorlinah Mohamed would often meet and talk about their mothers and the complexities of living—and not living —with them. One mother is Cantonese-speaking and impetuous; the other speaks Malay and is quietly stubborn. Both are smart, sharp and strong. Both are wonderful cooks. As they and their mothers grow older, the bond between parent and child has changed.

      The caretaker has become the dependant. What happens when the body begins to age? What does love mean to a mind that is beginning to fade? And so, the conversations continue. Poignant, moving and funny, Recalling Mother celebrates the joys and challenges of motherhood—and daughterhood. With a constant aspiration for greater heights and broader exposure, every installation of Varsity Voices is never the same. Apart from presenting meaningful artistic interpretation, intricate musical expression and finesse, The NUSChoir endeavours to deliver an enjoyable performance for the audience this evening.

      Academic Festival Overture, Op. Formed in , the St.

      China, Europe, and the Transcultural Object, 1600-1800

      Today, it has grown to a full-size symphonic wind orchestra under the steadfast guidance of band director, Alvin Seville and assistant band director, Ngiam Xing Hao. This year's concert is held in conjunction with Victoria School's th Anniversary, as well as the Victoria School Choir's 25th anniversary, and will be one where they will reminisce their journey over the years.

      The Victoria School Choir presents a tapestry of songs ranging from the renaissance to contemporary works as well as some of their familiar favourite tunes and iconic songs from their repertoire. A dream world where logic and reason do not exist. Moral-less, rule-less, borderless and timeless. Intrusions summoned, intrusions uninvited. A collective journey, alone.

      Our dreams lie in a world beyond common sense, beyond morality, beyond objectivity. They are rich, powerful, sensual, mysterious, disturbing, tragic, hilarious—a sort of madness. Are they revelations of the past or tellers of the future? Are they the unconscious trapped in slumber, screaming to be heard?

      Southern Wind

      Or are they mere accidental side effects of random neural impulses? Intrusions is an exciting collaboration between Jean Ng and Joavien Ng who bring to the work their rich backgrounds in theatre and dance. This traditional Chinese game is brought to life through a hands-on learning experience that both you and your child will enjoy, as professional performers from Diabolo Art take you through the ropes of basic diabolo juggling and other fun tricks. Welcome springtime and usher in the new year by creating beautiful Chinese ink paintings with your child!

      Tickets must be purchased as an adult-child package. Accompanying adults must be above Meeting point is Theatre Studio entrance, Level 4, 15mins before start time. For more information, visit www. From Chinese dance, instrumental and choral music, to evergreen hits and getai performances by talented local singers and ensembles, there will be something for everyone!

      Full programme details will be available from Jan onwards. Join us at Esplanade as we. Each month features a new theme and new artists to discover! Celebrate new works and welcome new faces in Singapore music! Encountered individually or altogether, the works in this quarter awaken our natural inclination to wonder, to notice the extraordinary in the ordinary, and see the fantastic in the everyday.

      Esplanade Presents. Object Object is a whimsical visual dictionary of Chinese idioms. Poetic and playful at times, this exhibition features commonly used idioms, expressed and visually represented through a series of everyday items. In conjunction with.

      Wang Hai Public records

      Over a 50—90 year period, it forms and supports complex, localised, deep-sea ecosystems within the environment of the ocean floor. In their Oceans tells of this phenomenon through references to the seas—from whales and the depths of the oceans, to the stones and scenes of Jeju Island. Drawings, knitted sculptures, a soundscape, objects and murals depict a narrative of nostalgia and poignancy, addressing love and loss in the context of our anthropocentric society.

      Over the Horizon is a site-specific installation dealing primarily with plastic pollution. His sense of humour and sensibilities are reflected in his metaphorical figures of humans with wings and animals. Lim is a senior lecturer at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, recipient of awards and regular contributor to international sculpture symposiums.

      Single and double treatment rooms in the spa offer you the privacy you need. Celebrate heritage with ARCH with a wide range of heritage gifts and collectibles that are uniquely designed with high quality craftsmanship in a class of its own. Step into an oasis of serenity and de-stress with a variety of invigorating body scrubs, revitalising massages and therapeutic hydrotherapy treatments. The only brand in Singapore that makes its own instruments, each Maestro guitar is delicately built to ensure responsiveness, richness in tonal colour, exceptional performance and outstanding workmanship.

      A galleria that epitomises the finest and most exquisite intricacies of French living, Csar Luxe brings the ultimate in design creativity and craftsmanship. Fashion 02—10, Tel: Sun—Thu: 12pm—9. New items added weekly. Here you'll find mot vational messages for a daily boost, homely living room decorations, and a variety of modern art assortment to spice up your living space. An art studio for everyone, Studio Haroobee offers quality art classes that encourage self-expression and creativity.

      For more details, visit www. Music 02—06, Tel: Daily: Synonymous with seafood delicacies, the awardwinning Gajalee serves a wide choice of traditional, authentic cuisine from western coastal region of India. Chinese and local cuisine 02—25, Tel: Mon—Fri: 12pm—3pm; 6pm— Book in a hand, a quiet corner for another, a fla ourful beverage some may seek, or a simple meal so one may rest thy weary feet.

      Books and Cranny is the place to meet. Indulge in an array of sumptuous local delights of signature dishes and complete your dining experience with a selection of hot and cold desserts. Dessert 02—15, Tel: Daily: 11am—11pm A gift of pure indulgence and a pleasure for the palate. Visit harrys. Fearless playful drinks in a chilled out funky atmosphere. A place full of mischief for the naughty at heart. Bar Roof Terrace, Tel: Daily: 6pm—2am Led by renowned Japanese mixologist, Tomoyuki Kitazoe, Orgo uses the finest and freshest natura ingredients in its modern French food menu and extensive list of original mixology and classic drinks.

      International 02—14, Tel: Tue—Sun: 12pm—2. Modern experimental cuisine 02—23, Tel: Mon—Fri: 12pm—2. The Labyrinth brigade is on a never-ending quest for culinary perfection through innovation, while holding consistency and quality to the highest standard. For reservations: esp cre8group. Savour the local dishes and drinks while you enjoy the relaxing ambience at Toast Box. Offering authentic Thai cuisine prepared by a team of Thai chefs, ThaiExpress serves dishes that are made fresh and full of exotic fla ours.