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Accessible Canadian library II : a resource tool for libraries serving persons with disabilities. Northern Ireland. Report of a Committee to consider, in the context of civil liberties and human rights, measures to deal with terrorism in Northern Ireland. C NNU Bobst. Oriental and occidental northern and southern portrait types of the Midway plaisance; a collection of photographs of individual types of various nations from all parts of the world who represented, in the Department of ethnology, the manners, customs.

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Economics of digital information : collection, storage, and delivery. A7 G85 SA Z A7 G85 Book of charters, wills, deeds and other official documents [relating to the library]. Picturing the Middle East : a hundred years of European orientalism : a symposium. Riemann-Festschrift; gesammelte Studien. Scientific research on spirituality and health : a report based on the Scientific Progress in Spirituality Conferences. What works with children and adolescents? Wisdom of the ages : a modern master brings eternal truths into everday life.

Take two plants : the gardener's complete guide to companion planting. Ringvorlesung "Normenkonflikte in pluralistischen Gesellschaften" des Exzellenzclusters "Die Herausbildung normativer Ordnungen". Olivier Roy European University, Florence. In the meantime, many court decisions and especially the European Court of Human rights considered that it was acceptable not to grant equality for religious signs in the public sphere: allowing the display of crucifi x in Italian schools, banning veil but not Christian attire Germany, Swiss. The issue is to understand what make here the religious norm acceptable or not.

The argument of the courts are that the Christian signs are more cultural than religious. What does it say about the relationship of Religion, faith and culture in Europe? Twenty-two years later he received a PhD in Political Science. His extensive research interests and fi elds of expertise include the Middle East and Central Asia, especially Iran and Afghanistan. One of his best noted works, Secularism Confronts Islam , offers a perspective on the experiences of Muslims in western secular society. He also serves on the editorial board of the academic journal Central Asian Survey, and in during the Paris riots he wrote about their non-religious causes.

Is this an oxymoronic demand? Should a democratic regime automatically refuse to accommodate Muslim laws? These important philosophical and theoretical questions are of existential signifi cance for emerging democracies in the Muslim world. But can this be achieved at all? Kabir Tambar Stanford University, California.

It carries the weight of a historical judgment, which scaffolds ethical community by delineating which populations, languages, and religions remain outside of the framework of collective obligation and responsibility. This paper examines comments delivered by a pro-Kurdish political party and a largely Kurdish mothers-ofthe-disappeared group during the Gezi Park protests of These moments of public address participated in the broader spirit of state critique on display during those protests.

They were noteworthy, however, for recasting the Gezi events as a late moment in a longer history of state violence, prefi gured by a century of dispossession experienced by those who have been classed as minorities or threatened with that designation. The commentaries interrogated what we might call the negative historicity of the minority. They were not primarily aimed at repudiating that historical judgment as discriminatory or contrary to law, but instead sought to delocalize the judgment vested in the category of minority, to see in that judgment an increasingly generalized economy of political abjection, and in effect to view it as prefiguring an ethical community to come.

His work has largely centered on Turkey and has explored questions of citizenship, minority politics, and religion. Tambar has also begun new research on emergency rule and the politics of state coercion. Abstract For some years now in Europe, Islam and above all those legal systems that transpose it into the positive law of a given State have been increasingly problematized. The grounds adduced are generally that the values underlying Islam are on several points incompatible with those dictated by human rights as interpreted in the domestic law of European democratic States.

My presentation will therefore not limit itself to a discussion of conflicts, i. By the same token, I will suggest that it would be a shame to allow the problematic aspects to dominate, and thus obscure, the encounter between Islam and European domestic legal orders.


Case law indicates that it is possible to accommodate the different normativities without this being to the detriment of respect for the constitutional principles of the European countries concerned. I will provide several illustrations. She has held various visiting professorships both within and outside Europe. In the field of anthropology of law, her research focuses on cultural diversity and legal practice, with special interest in the application of Islamic family law in Europe, and more recently in the accommodation of cultural and religious diversity under State law.

She is also an honorary member of the Brussels bar. In she received the Francqui Prize, the most distinguished scientifi c award in the humanities in Belgium. November , Abstract Frankfurt ist die Stadt der Vielfalt. Aber auch hier bedarf die Gestaltung der vorhandenen Vielfalt eines permanenten Aushandlungsprozesses auf verschiedenen Ebenen.

Mit Hochschuldiplomabschluss in Psychologie hat sie sich als Psychotherapeutin mit eigener Praxis niedergelassen. Nachdem einige Landesgesetzgeber Lehrerinnen das Tragen eines Kopftuchs in der staatlichen Schule verboten hatten, befasste sich zweimal das Bundesverfassungsgericht mit zum Teil unterschiedlichen Aussagen mit dem Thema. Nachdem zentrale Aspekte der genannten Entscheidungen kurz dargestellt werden, soll die Problematik vor allem unter dem Aspekt der Toleranz diskutiert werden. Was bedeutet Toleranz in dem fraglichen Zusammenhang und welche Rolle spielte der Terminus in dieser Rechtsprechung?

Er untersucht, woraus und wie sich Schranken herleiten lassen. CV Rudolf Steinberg, geb. Oktober ,. Abstract Personal names generate confl ict in pluralistic societies because names are intimately connected to conceptions of the self. They serve as important symbolic representations of individual identity and as a crucial tool for documentation of persons residing within state borders. Laws governing names also function as a form of social control. For immigrants the choice of fi rst names may be especially controversial because naming customs reflect deeply held values. This analysis considers the extent to which the right to a name is protected under international law and general principles like privacy and freedom of expression and how such a right ought to be construed.

Regulations governing the choice and use of names in pluralistic societies illustrate the limits of law. This project demonstrates the importance of onomastics and anthroponymy for sociolegal studies. For three decades she has analyzed cultural confl icts in domestic and international legal systems and proposed policies designed to address these. She has enjoyed teaching judges, lawyers, court interpreters, jury consultants, and police offi cers. Renteln also collaborated with the UN on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, lectured on comparative legal ethics in Bangkok and Manila at conferences sponsored by the American Bar Association, and served on California civil rights commissions and a Human Rights Watch committee.

Her current research focuses on the intersection between sensory studies and socio-legal studies. Theorizing i nternational r elations capital and small letters presupposes a conception of what the subject matter and its bounds actually is all about. It also establishes an inevitable a priori fixation or foundation for theorizing in IR. In abstract terms we take it to refer to a bounded realm or arrangement consisting of connected parts which have to cohere in some fashion. World order conceptions thus refer to an imagined whole which is structured internally by certain principles eg.

Human thought and practices shape our understandings of these orders. For this reason conceptions of order are not fixed. They depend on prevailing practices of community formation, structures of intercommunal interaction and our very beliefs about these practices. Moreover, political order thus conceived is inherently normative. During the past decades this perspective has been challenged and criticized on many fronts. Gunther Hellmann. Brochure : click here Past: click here April , Mai , Juni , Juli , Abstract The objective of this lecture is to examine the broader sociology of the discipline of International Relations IR in India.

I do this by consciously turning towards the disciplinary history of the Indian variant of IR while situating it against the backdrop of comparative disciplinary histories of IR. I argue that the specificities of context left an indelible imprint on the make-up of the Indian variant of the discipline and this is most evident in the preferences exercised by scholars in the early years of Indian IR scholarship. One valuable point of entry to gauge particular slants of emphases in IR from India is the manner in which the question of international political order was theorized from this setting.

I argue that competing conceptions of political order often served as the backdrop for shared bonds as well as animated disagreements among particular constituencies of Indian IR scholarship. Chimni titled International Relations: Perspectives for the Global South besides other journal contributions. His research interests include disciplinary histories of International Relations, the politics and episteme of the global south, the theory and practice of global governance and evaluations of both mainstream and critical approaches to the study of world politics. He has also been featured in February on Theory Talks.

Erik Ringmar , Lund University, Sweden. Abstract This lecture examines the way nomadic peoples have been treated throughout history by sedentary peoples, but also the way nomadsArabs, Mongols, etc. This historical discussion will provide the basis for an argument about life in a post-territorial future. Nomads, the thesis will be, can teach us a lot about how international politics will be organized in the future. He has also worked in China for seven years, the last two years as professor of international relations at Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai.

He has written four academic books and some forty research articles. Abstract There is considerable anxiety in Western capitals about the rise of non-Western powers. While this stems in part from a fear of the instability that often accompanies great power transitions, at root it is a cultural anxiety, a fear that non-Western powers will promote values and practices that erode the modern international order.

This resonates with the extant literature in IR, which sees international orders emerging in unitary cultural contexts and diversity as corrosive.

Konstruktion und Elemente einer idealistischen Völkerrechtslehre

Yet such views are deeply problematic. Virtually all international orders emerged in highly diverse cultural contexts, and managing diversity has been a key imperative of institution building. This all suggests that cultural diversity shapes political orders in complex ways, constitutive and subversive. The challenge is to better understand these complexities, and to cultivate practices that sustain order while fostering global cultural diversity. This lecture explores these issues and maps a research agenda on cultural diversity and international order.

Abstract If internationalization is the process of ever closer relations between states, then the institution of diplomacy was certainly essential to its evolution. This lecture begins with the observation that, with a handful of exceptions eg. The assumption seems to be that, as agents proliferate to include not only states, but also non-state actors, diplomacy is left behind. I argue the opposite, that diplomacy adapts and plays an important role in globalization, but in a way that transforms diplomacy in significant ways.

Two case studies of diplomatic practice — peace and reconciliation, and also humanitarian diplomacy — demonstrate that, rather than leaving the scene to other agents, diplomats are actually working through these agents. As a result, diplomacy has begun to change away from being about negotiation and representation towards being about governance. Precisely because diplomats work through other agents, however, diplomats become dependent on other actors to perform tasks that are expected of them. CV Iver B. Neumann b. Oxon, Politics , Dr. He was the editor of Cooperation and Conflict.

Abstract How to think about security in a world of multiple differences? In this lecture, I build on the contributions of Critical Security Studies defined broadly and draw upon the insights of Postcolonial IR to suggest that thinking about security in a world of multiple differences entails inquiring into the international in security and security in the international.

Her research agenda focuses on critical approaches to security studies. She has served as the founding governing board member of the European International Studies Association, past president of Central and East European International Studies Association, past chair of the International Political Sociology section of the International Studies Association. Abstract Debates about relations between problematic concepts of order, global and theorization are now shaped by shared but conflicting commitments to modern principles of subjectivity and self-determination.

These commitments rest on specific claims about spatiotemporal origins and boundaries. The consequence is a structure of spatiotemporally organized contradictions expressed in aporetic claims to humanity and citizenship, and thus in the contested status of sovereignties expressed in state law and international law. Prevailing literatures usually erase the significance of the spatiotemporal, normative and contradictory character of this historical constitution of modern politics, partly by recasting internal and external moments of subjectivity as distinct spatial, temporal and hierarchical domains, partly by identifying specific practices through which contradictions are negotiated as the primary problem that must be engaged.

To the contrary, I argue that the core source of order and disorder remains the status of claims about modern subjectivity expressed in political practices that must try, and fail, to reconcile claims about liberty, equality and security within a scalar hierarchy. Throughout history, law and legal knowledge were circulating between cultures, countries, and continents. Sometimes willingly adopted, sometimes forcefully imposed by powers from outside, the process of dealing with foreign law often changed not only the sources of law, but a whole structure of normative thinking.

One might think of the reception of Roman law in Europe during the Middle Ages, the formation of derecho indiano in early modern Hispano-America or the adoption of European law in East Asia during the 19th century. In recent years, such processes could be observed in states in transition, for example in Eastern Europe. As most normative orders, law is not only produced by politics, but it is rooted in language and traditions.

Is it actually possible to translate norms? What happens when they are taken up by a different culture, having to operate in another language? How does their meaning shift during these processes, how do their function and even their normativity change? We do not only focus on legal normativity.

While one lecture will explicitly discuss the translatability of law and legal norms, the other lectures shall deal with different forms of normativity as to be found in political concepts, religion and technology. This might, eventually, produce a profounder understanding not only of law but also of normativity in general. Poster pdf : click here Plakat pdf : Hier Vorangegangene Ringvorlesungen: Hier Like its competitors, it has advantages and disadvantages.

The model of translation between languages has at least two advantages. In the second place, the model has the advantage of emphasizing agency, the conscious adaptation of a text to a new context. Of course the model itself needs adaptation when it is used to discuss other kinds of cultural change, for example the work of missionaries in a culture very different from their own. There are obvious differences between translating forms, as in the case of architecture, and translating knowledge or ideas, when the problem of contradiction may arise.

The problems of translation from one region to another, from one medium to another and from one domain to another are rather different. Translators like other people follow norms in their work, while norms like forms or ideas can be transated. In the case of law, one thinks of the problems of translating laws from one language to another, of the translation of oral custom into written law, and of imposing laws formulated in one context or culture in a different context or culture.

Despite its advantages, the model of cultural translation is not universally applicable. Like other paradigms, perhaps all paradigms, it casts shadows as well as light. He has published 26 books and his work has so far been translated into 31 languages. For most of his career he has worked on the cultural and social history of early modern Europe, with some incursions into the 19th and 20th centuries.

Abstract The Iberian Atlantic constitutes an interesting laboratory for studies of historical semantics, and in particular for the observation of the transfers of political and legal concepts in modern times. As well as the imprint of Christianity and classical culture, in addition to the presence of Spanish and Portuguese as main languages, one should bear in mind the considerable cultural diversity and the presistence of indigenous American languages in extensive rural areas. In any case, the fact that certain circumstances were experienced in the region far earlier than in other parts of the world — conquest, independence, republican and constitutional regimes — renders historical analysis of the circulation of political vocabulary exceptionally interesting.

The aim of my lecture is to offer some general reflections which I will attempt to illustrate with specific examples upon this theme from the perspective of conceptual history.

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  6. Rechtsgeschichte - Traditionen und Perspektiven;
  7. He has published extensively in the field of intellectual and conceptual history of modern politics. Among his recent books are the edited volumes Concepts and Time. Abstract Over the last decades, diverse task forces have sought to promote legal integration within the European Union.

    And it is well-known that the European Parliament has spoken in favour of a European Civil Code on various occasions and that the European Commission has provided financial sponsorship for some at least of the major projects. Although the idea of a European private law has generated considerable debate, the specific implications following upon the brand of legal uniformization being defended remain poorly appreciated.

    The striking contrast between the two models of intercultural communication sheds light on the legal initiatives mentioned above. In particular, my comparative and interdisciplinary analysis points to the many translational problems arising from the development of uniform law in a plurilingual setting which are either ignored or downplayed by proponents of a European private law. She has acted as visiting professor in Grenoble, Montreal, and at the Sorbonne.

    Her research focuses on theoretical issues arising from the practice of comparison in the context of the globalization and Europeanization of laws. In this regard, Dr. Further, she acted as Guest Editor for a special issue on law and translation just released by The Translator , a leading translation-studies journal. Monateri ed. Martti Koskenniemi University of Helsinki Mittwoch, Nearly every normative order claims to be well justified as well as valid at any time and any place.

    Every ethnologically or historically inspired contemplation on the world works from the premis that each 'culture'or 'epoch' develops its own normative order, which can change more quickly or slowly. The Lecture Series is a continuation of the series of readings about Frankfurt Perspectives on Normativtiy that was begun with a philosophical-political scientific view on normativity.

    Brochure: click here Programme: 11 April , 4pm.

    Französische Revolution by Alina Schöpfe on Prezi

    Normwandel und Medien im subsaharischen Afrika Prof. Mamadou Diawara, Dr. Annette Warner For further information: click here Hartmut Leppin For further information: click here Andreas Fahrmeir, Dr. Verena Steller For further information: click here Bernhard Jussen For further information: click here HZ 15 Prof. Moritz Epple For further information: click here Matthias Lutz-Bachmann For further information: click here Benjamin Steiner For further information: click here Karl-Heinz Kohl For further information: click here Stefanie Michels For further information: click here In diesen Vertrag wurden viele Rechte der Duala schriftlich fixiert, die diese in der Folge verteidigten.

    Ausweisungen aus Deutschland und die Exekution der wichtigsten Duala-Politiker werden im Vortrag als Ende des sukzessiven Ausschlusses der Duala als Menschen, denen Rechtfertigung geschuldet wird, gelesen. Im Vortrag wird anhand der neueren Geschichte der Indigenenbewegung der Frage nachgegangen, wie es zu dieser Essentialisierung gekommen ist.

    Seit verbrachte er verschiedene Feldforschungsaufenthalte in Ostindonesien, Neuguinea und Nigeria. Zuletzt sind erschienen: The End of Anthropology? Der Briefwechsel zwischen Wilhelm II. Kohlhammer, Afrika spielte in diesem Zusammenhang von Herrschaft und Kolonisation eine bislang wenig beachtete Rolle. Dass eine so geartete Herrschaftspraxis sich nicht unmittelbar in Afrika realisierte, macht ein Blick auf die Begegnungssituationen der Franzosen mit Afrikanern deutlich. Schwerpunkte seiner Forschung liegen in der Philosophie des Mittelalters, der Politischen Philosophie, der Kritischen Theorie und der Religionsphilosophie.

    Schmidt , ; Handlung und Wissenschaft.

    Wikipedia:WikiReader/Oesterreichische Literatur

    Die Epistemologie der praktischen Wissenschaften im Jahrhundert Hrsg. Zur Person. Jahrhunderts im wissenschaftlichen, kulturellen und politischen Zusammenhang, u. Epples Forschungsinteressen gelten der Geschichte der mathematischen Wissenschaften des Zum Vortrag Seit Beginn des Sie ist u. Bielefeld: Transcript, Ringvorlesung des Exzellenzclusters Prof. Von zentraler Bedeutung war aber auch die Stellung der jeweils beteiligten Institutionen. Der Umgang mit Bildern und Texten ist allerdings sehr verschieden. Der Vortrag diskutiert die Probleme eines kaum kontrollierten geschichtswissenschaftlichen Bildgebrauchs.

    Zum Vortrag Das britische Empire des Beide konnten ihre Herkunft aus spezifi sch britischen Erfahrungen nicht verleugnen, galten jedoch als universal anwendbar. Oxford u. Zum Vortrag Im Christentum war das Kaisertum nicht vorgesehen, ja, die kaiserliche Stellung galt als unvereinbar mit dem Christentum. Der Vortrag geht der Frage nach, wie die paradoxe Verbindung von Kaisertum und Christentum zustande kommen und sich auf Dauer etablieren konnte. Er ist Principal Investigator des Exzellenzclusters.

    Auf dem Weg zu einem christlichen Imperium, it. Socrates, Sozomenus, and Theodoretus, in: G. Marasco Hg. Lenski Hg. Publikationen u. Sie forscht seit in Kamerun und Nigeria und seit in Mali. Normativity is the concept for a phenomenon that is common but at the same time difficult to explain, which poses one question: What does the power consist of that brings us to comply to principles, norms and rules of various kinds?

    Normativity is a kind of bind without chains and the explanations, from where it comes, reach from self-centered deliberations over social explanations up to the assumption of objective values beyond the empirical world. Wednesday, 26 October , 6. Wednesday , 2 November , 6. Thomas M. Wednesday, 9 November , 6. Wednesday, 23 November , 6. Wednesday, 30 November , 6. Nicole Deitelhoff Genese und Scheitern for further information: click here Wednesday, 7 December , 6. Wednesday , 14 December , 6. Christoph Menke Gesetz und Freiheit. Wednesday , 21 Dezember , 6. Wednesday , 11 January , 6.

    Wednesday , 18 January , 6. Institutionelle Grundlagen von Autonomie for further information: click here Wednesday , 25 January , 6. Rainer Forst Zu einer Kritik der rechtfertigenden Vernunft for further information: click here Wednesday , 8 February , 6. Vorangegangene Ringvorlesungen des Exzellenzclusters: Hier Beulke, K. Wittig eds. Geburtstag, Berlin: BWV, , pp. Schleim, T. Walter eds. Brugger, U. Kirste eds. Wie ist der Grundsatz der Rechtfertigung letztlich gerechtfertigt? Er arbeitet zu Grundfragen der Moralphilosophie und der politischen Theorie. Auflage ; zus.

    Auf einen zweiten Blick aber erweisen sich ihre Positionen gerade in dieser Frage als durchaus kompatibel. Wichtigste Publikationen Auswahl : M. Lutz-Bachmann Hgg. Schink Hgg. Wagner Hgg. Niederberger Hgg. Fidora Hgg. Jahrhundert, Berlin Hegels kritische Diagnose lautet, dass die Konstitution des Subjekts durch Gesetze Herrschaft impliziert. Die paradoxe Aufgabe lautet daher, die Konstitution des Subjekts durch Gesetze mit der Befreiung des Subjekts von Gesetzen zusammen zu denken.

    Raters , Frankfurt In Vorbereitung: Kant-Lexikon hg. Mohr, J. Stolzenberg und St. Arbeitsschwerpunkte: Internationale Institutionen, transnationale Formen von Herrschaft und Opposition. Zu den Voraussetzungen der Einhegung kultureller Fragmentierung im internationalen Regieren in: Staatlichkeit ohne Staat. CV Thomas M. Wichtigste Publikationen: Moderne Religion? Abstract Norms emerge historically in specific cultural and political contexts to provide evaluative criteria to critically assess our socio-cultural, legal and economic practices.

    They are action-guiding and operate as an ideal against which practices and subjects are rendered legible and recognizable within a specific framework. Normative intelligibility is deeply linked to survival, whereby subjects that fall outside hegemonic norms of recognition are vulnerable to normative violence.

    This indicates the aspirational and orchestrating effects of norms as well as their regulative and coercive dimensions. Normative orders are justified insofar as those subject to them have the possibility of intervening and transforming these orders. A critical engagement with hegemonic framings entails a debate regarding the terms of recognition and contents of normative judgements. This is not a call for undermining all normative claims; rather the emphasis is on the need to devise new constellations of normativity, which would enable subjects struggling for enfranchisement.

    Normativity is a site of political agency, even as the vulnerability of the subject is closely related to normative regulations. Thus, political contest entails exceeding and reworking hegemonic norms; it rests on negotiating normativity. The talk will address the challenges and prospects in attempting to make possible new claims and articulations of normativity.

    Wiederkehr Interesse auf sich gezogen. Wie ich zu zeigen versuche, bleibt aber auch diese These unbefriedigend. Freiburg im Breisgau zusammen mit H. Entwicklungslinien eines katholischen Lernprozesses. Can religions be ranked hierarchically? He has published widely in the areas of sociological theory, religion and politics, transnational migration, and globalization.

    His best-known work, Public Religions in the Modern World Chicago, has become a modern classic in the field and has been translated into six languages, including Japanese and Arabic, and is forthcoming in Indonesian, Farsi, and Chinese. This changed understanding, however, makes us aware that we need new policies in many areas. So the interesting topic is the changed understanding we need of our secularist regimes which are just as clearly necessary as they always were, but we have to see them in a new light. Charles Taylor taught political philosophy at McGill University from to During his academic career, he held several guest professorships, among others at the universities in Oxford and Princeton and at the Goethe University Frankfurt and the Hebrew University Jerusalem.

    Sonic Discourse on Muslim Malay Modernity.